Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sturdy Comics @ San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con is almost here and I'll be sharing a table with some of my buddies in the small press area. We're listed under Sturdy Comics, table O-15.

The Barry Ninja comic which I did the cover for (see earlier post) will be on sale there with a limited edition cut out cover too! In addition to that, other comics such as the Society of Unordinary Young Ladies will be sold, shirts, and I myself will be selling a different version of the WANTED prints there (among other products).

We're also right next to the Bumperboy table, which is O-16. Debbie will have goodies for you as well.

My other friend Lark Pien, Little Bird Books will also be there, table
P-1 with awesome paintings, comics and assorted goods.

Hope to see you there!

(at left is an older piece from '02, which is comics related so I thought I'd post it)


Gura said...

at first I thought the buffy one was the print you were selling. I think that would sell quite handily also.

littlebird said...

sherwin it was good to see you, hope you guys had fun let's do something for your bday soon cheers - lp